Play cloud computer games from Linux


  • Be able to play steam games from any linux able to play steam streaming.
  • Be able to use Steam Controller.
  • Be able to play using some cloud service.


In order to have a good performance with streaming and good SteamController support, the best solution is to have steam installed in your linux box as a streaming client and stream from your remote cloud computer.

But steam streaming doesn’t work outside of your local network so we have to trick steam client to think it’s running in the same LAN of steam server.

To achieve this we need to create a VPN.

I chosed zerotier to create the VPN for it’s quick deployment and configuration.

  • - ZeroTier delivers the capabilities of VPNs, SDN, and SD-WAN with a single system. Manage all your connected resources across both local and wide area networks as if the whole world is a single data center.